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About Us

The story behind iFeel – International Foundation for Education, Empowerment and Learning

  1. How the project started
  • In 2007 weekly visits were made to a slum area in Islamabad to impart basic education, free medical camps and winter clothing and food distribution to the children who were not going to school and spent their time in streets and garbage heaps.
  • In 2009 four rooms were allocated to educate these children and we started with around 30 over age students and named OSCS, Out of School Children’s school.
  • A system was developed and is still being evolved and improved to best target the needs of over age children and give them fast track education to save their lost time.
  1. Why a foundation was needed
  • Till 2013 many OSCS schools were formed inside and outside of Islamabad offering free primary education to over age children.
  • The OSC schools hosted in private buildings for the statues of private schools but those functioning in Govt. buildings were not given any such status even though the registration process was completed along with payment of fee to PIERA.
  • The finances were growing with the number of schools increasing and we felt the we must get back to our sponsors and well-wishers with a formal organization behind our back.
  • iFeel – International Foundation for Education, Empowerment and Learning was formed under which OSC Schools are formed in different areas of Islamabad in Govt. and Private buildings to bring a large number of street children back to school.

Impact and Achievements

  1. How the project has transformed the aspect of education
  • The students who had lost all hope of getting into main stream education are now engaged in good quality education having a strong primary base.
  • Children are eager to learn that is obvious from the joy of coming to school
  • A solution to growing trend of beggary and child labor.
  • The school has become a means of brining extremely poor families out of the poverty loop
  • Sponsors, teaching staff and volunteers feel a sense of belonging, achievement and a source peace due to being a part of the project. The motivating factor is the obvious change seen in the lives of our students.
  • Fathers who previously were against girls education are now eagerly sending their daughters to school since they can see their daughters becoming exemplary human beings and not defiant to their norms and culture.
  • Day by day the number of children entering our schools is increasing and we aim to cross the target of one thousand children this year.
  1. How this project ensures delivery of quality
  • We offer training and guidance to community members who are interested in opening up their branch of OSCS.
  1. Key impacts
  • We not only teach reading, writing and comprehension but open up a whole world of knowledge and learning.
  • Evaluation of each individual student of reading, writing and comprehension skills, along with basic math skills is done on regular basis (after every 3 months) fast learners keep going further up to the new level before they can do so in other schools.
  • Quality is achieved through constant teachers training with motivational talks and exciting workshops for teachers.
  • People living in slums who were earlier not in favor of their children’s schooling have now become ambassadors of not only their own but their whole families education.

Sustainability and Future developments

  1. How the structure ensures sustainability of the project?
  • Through consistent reminders about the mission each member in school is kept in line to take their work forward and make this project a success.
  • Each new branch of the school gets a coordinator who is committed and can later head the school system if needed.
  • Selected students are equipped with teaching techniques so they are able to serve the vision even if they are home bound due to any security threat to schools.
  • The combination of volunteers and hired staff makes an energetic team.
  1. How the project is funded and plans for future Funding
  • The schools are locally sponsored and funded, ensuring a constant flow of people interested in donating for the project.
  • Community involvement in school functions and other activities makes our school a more credible project for individuals funding
  • Number of sponsors has been increasing ever since the school was formed and now from one branch we have six branches and grow still.
  • Volunteers from Universities and colleges become actively involved in fund raising for upcoming projects for school.
  • More Volunteer programs are planned to be implemented in school.
  • Sponsor the child relationship and follow up ensures sponsors long term commitment.
  • Each new branch brings new sponsors and funding from people living nearby.


  1. Future Objectives
  • We have offered our services to the Federal Govt. education sector to achieve 100% literacy in Islamabad and replicate the system across Pakistan. Giving over all educational support including teacher’s salary, training and assistance in providing school uniforms and stationary to needy students. The first target group is all over age children living in Islamabad Capital Territory
  • A building is planned to be constructed to set up an institute offering teachers training and technical education. The aim is to equip people with various skills creating educational entrepreneurs who are capable of setting up school with minimum possible resources and help our nation achieve 100% literacy.