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FLL First Lego League Robotics contest

This year an amazing new feature was added to our system when a Lego Robotics Lab was gifted to us by STARFALL Foundation. Each year they release a challenge in which students aged 9 to 16 team up firstly to make and program an autonomous robot and secondly do an innovative research project. With only a month’s training, our team took part in 6th National Robotics Championship. Judges who are professors of renowned universities were so impressed by performance of our girls that they honored them with prestigious Judge’s award and garlanded medals.

AlhamdoLillah achievement of OSCS Girls was also acknowledged by STARfALL Foundation and they provided them opportunity to participate in an international FLL robotics tournament to be held in UK from 21-25 June 2017.
We prepared a lot for event but due to late visa process team could not fly but team has high morale and ready for upcoming challenges.









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